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Online Learning Center - Getting Started Guide

Instructions on Getting Started are also available in Français and Español

How do I log into the Online Learning Center?

Login ScreenOn the left of the home page of the Online Learning Center (OLC) at there is a login box, which can be clicked on to log into the site or to create a new account for first time users.

New Users: If you do not have an Online Learning Center account, you will need to create a new account by clicking on Create new account. When you create a new account, you will be asked to choose a username and password which you will use for all future logins. After you create your account, you will receive an automatic email with a link to confirm your account.

Users with Existing Accounts: If you have an existing Online Learning Center account you can enter your username(or email) and password and click Log in. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password by clicking on Lost Password?.

How do I access the courses within the Online Learning Center?

After logged into the OLC, you need to enrol in all the individual courses that you wish to access. To do this, please select the course you wish to enrol in and then enter the enrolment key for that course.


What is an Enrolment Key and how do I get one?

Most of the online courses require an enrolment key which needs to be entered the first time a course is accessed.

Enrolment keys for other courses can be obtained as downloadable PDFs from the FPMT Foundation Store or alternatively they are available as a benefit of 'Friends of FPMT' at certain levels.

Complimentary Courses: There are a number of free courses available and the enrolment keys for these are::

Discovering Buddhism Courses

  • Discovering Buddhism Module 2 (How to meditate): Enrolment key = calmabiding07
  • Discovering Buddhism Module 14: No enrolment key

Living in the Path Modules

  • Taking the Essence Modules
    • Transforming a Suffering Life into Happiness: No enrolment key
    • Bodhichitta Mindfulness: No enrolment key
    • The Eight Mahayana Precepts: No enrolment key
    • Making Offerings: No enrolment key
    • Offering Food and Drink: No enrolment key
  • Practice Instructions Modules
    • The Refuge and Bodhichitta Verse: No enrolment key
    • Seven-Limb Prayer: No enrolment key
  • Realizing the Lam-rim Modules
    • All Topics: Advice for Realizing the Lam-rim: No enrolment key
    • All Topics: Atisha's Light of the Path to Enlightenment: No enrolment key
    • Death: Cutting the Concept of Permanence: No enrolment key
    • Death: This is Going to Happen to You: No enrolment key
    • Nature of Samsara: Abandon Stretching the Legs: No enrolment key
    • Emptiness: Smashing the Delusions: No enrolment key

Online Courses in French

  • Découverte du bouddhisme Modules: All the French Discovering Buddhism courses are offered on a donation basis and have no enrolment keys.

Online Courses in Spanish

  • Vivir el camino-VC Módulo 01, La motivación para vivir: Enrolment key = motivacion03
  • Vivir el camino-VC Módulo 05, Introducción al texto de Atisha: No enrolment key
  • Vivir el camino- VC Instrucción 01 - Meditación en el Sutra del diamante: No enrolment key

Additional Online Courses Offered for Free due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

  • Discovering Buddhism: Module 11, Transforming Problems: Enrollment key: tonglen33
  • Basic Program: Mahayana Mind Training, Wheel of Sharp Weapons: Enrollment key: lojong100
  • Living in the Path: We have made this entire program available for free. Find the enrollment keys for the individual modules here.

Rinpoche Available Now

Rinpoche Available Now: Lama Zopa Rinpoche gives teachings throughout the year at FPMT centers around the world. Many of these teachings are livestreamed.  These video and audio recordings together with other resources are available as part of our Rinpoche Available Now (RAN) project.

How do I edit my profile, set my email preferences and add a picture?

Once you have logged into the Online Learning Center, you can access your profile and preferences by clicking on the menu beside your profile name (which you can see at the top right of the screen).  

Clicking on Preferences allows you to Edit your profile, Change your password or select your Forum preferences.

How do I navigate within a Course?

There are a number of ways to move around a course. The recommended method is to return to the homepage of a course to navigate the materials contained within the course. Then there are two useful navigation tools as follows:

Breadcrumbs: The breadcrumbs are a trail showing the pages you have passed through to get to your current location. They are shown in the top left corner of the page you are on and clicking on them will take you to that point in the course.

Navigation Menu: The navigation block appears on every page of the site. It contains an expanding tree menu which includes My Home, Site Pages, My Profile, and Courses. When in a course, this link expands to show each section of the current course and any activities/resources which are in that section.

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