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Please review the Introduction to Basic Program Online course to find everything you need to know if you want to take part in Basic Program Online:

- a brief introduction,
- the curriculum, including standard texts and subject descriptions,
- the prerequisites for successful study of BP Online,
- how to choose the order in which to study the BP Online subjects,
- how BP Online study is supported by discussion, meditation, short retreats and practice,
- an explanation of the certificate option and the BP Online completion requirements
- and an introduction to the Basic Program subjects by Geshe Jampa Gyatso.

We are pleased to announce that ten Basic Program Online courses are now available: AWARENESSES AND KNOWERS; MINDS AND MENTAL FACTORS; TENETS; STAGES OF THE PATH; HEART SUTRA, MAHAYANA MIND TRAINING,THE TATHAGATA ESSENCE and GROUNDS AND PATHS OF SECRET MANTRA and ENGAGING IN THE BODHISATTVA DEEDS, PART 1 and Part 2. The remaining Basic Program subjects will be gradually added.

The suggested amount of time for completing AWARENESSES AND KNOWERS, MINDS AND MENTAL FACTORS and HEART SUTRA is three months each, TENETS takes four and a half months, STAGES OF THE PATH a year, MAHAYANA MIND TRAINING and BODHISATTVA DEEDS, PART 1 each take four months, and THE TATHAGATA ESSENCE and GROUNDS AND PATHS OF SECRET MANTRA each take five months. For BODHISATTVA DEEDS PART 2 the recommended amount of time to study and complete the subject is ten months.

A brief description of each of these subjects can be found below.

An enrollment key is required to access these courses, which can be purchased in the Foundation Store or which can be obtained as a benefit at certain levels of the Friend of FPMT program.

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